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2005 saw a record number of thefts of pedigree dogs in general, but Poms have been targeted more than ever.  The breed has come to the notice of the public as film Stars and Rock stars have popularised them and brought them to public attention.


So called breeders are crossing them with every breed imaginable, and these puppies are in huge numbers on websites all over the world.  Why would you want a cross when you can have the real thing?  or are they the so called designer dogs?


This is so sad for the breed which, in the U.K. has never been over bred until now. Hundreds are for sale but very few  KC Registered. or from known breeders or bloodlines.


A few days ago  a Pom that was taken in our local area right out of the garden.  They got it back when it was caught running on the main road.  Kids were running after it but they bolted when they saw I had caught the dog.   It was united with a frantic owner who had seen kids take it from the garden as she did housework upstairs in her house. Dogs are at risk everwhere, and have been snatched from their gardens while the owners are at home, or taken from their kennels as their owners watch TV.


Over the years a number of breeders have had their show stock stolen, three people were very lucky and got them back (one had them stolen twice and got them back each time). But some other breeders have not been so lucky, had them stolen several times and never had them returned.  What that must be like if just horiffic. It has been suggested that these dogs have not been stolen but “rescued” from breeders in the misguided belief that the dogs were badly kept or misused.  In my experience none of the breeders I know, no matter now many they keep, or whether kenneled or not, they just love their dogs to bits, and I have seen some “kennels” that are actually far superior to many “doggy” houses I have been in, where you wouldnt take a cup of tea or sit on the furniture it was so filthy and smelt so bad.


Breeders and pet owner alike must take precautions, like micro-chipping and having good security.  You can buy tiny cameras that need no wiring and are very difficult to detect.  Dont leave dogs out in the garden unsupervised and never, never tie any dog outside a shop.  Why take it with you in the first place.


BUYERS be very aware of being offered dogs advertised on Mobile Only numbers, or being met in car parks or motorway services to collect a dog.  Anyone who doesnt want you to go to their home is someone to be avoided at all cost.  Better to drive further and know that you are buying  from an address that you can actually go back to if things go wrong.  We are living in the “24/7 deliver it to me” world.  Dogs are not Pizzas dont get one delivered..!!!


BREEDERS, do not give info to callers on mobile phones, get their landline number and phone them back.  If they say they only have a mobile, get their car registration number if they come to your home. Ask for their post code and address and make sure it matches. DO NOT tell people when you will be out.  No-one who is genuine will object to any of that, if they do.


It is really terrible that we have to go to these lengths to protect what is ours, but the world we seem to be living in at present dictates it.  With the internet we can make known these thefts as soon as they happen and network details at the speed of light, and I know everyone in the world of dogs pulls together when things go wrong.

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